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Interregional scientific and production association of enterprises "Aviokon Project" is a powerful licensed construction and engineering company, one of the leaders in the Western region of Ukraine in the field of general contract. The company implements a unique, integrated construction approach, based on the 23 years of experience, gained in various sectors of the economy while implementing large-scale projects in the fields of industrial, commercial, residential and administrative public real estate.


Interregional Scientific and Production Association of Enterprises "Aviokon project" has been working on the construction market of Ukraine since 1996 and has passed the way from a small Lviv local company that has been executing electric wiring works to a nationwide company, that provides general contract services. We can confidently say that now IRSPAE "Aviokon project" is a powerful construction engineering company in Ukraine with successful experience in construction, engineering and project support. And the very broad profile of our company provides a unique integrated approach while implementing construction projects and allows us to meet the needs of each of our clients as much as possible.

For many years IRSPAE “Aviokon project” is a reliable partner for many foreign investors with a portfolio of orders of over 80% annually. In particular, these are such companies as: Leoni Wiring Systems, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze, Flextronics International, Colombo (Geberit), Verallia (Consumers Sklo Zorya), Danone, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola Company, Weidmann Paper Mill, CRH (Irish Cement Group), etc. For this reason in 2013 IRSPAE “Aviokon project” was accepted a member of the European Business Association.

Our company cooperates on many construction sites with international architects, designers and construction groups, as well as with suppliers of equipment for the purpose of effective adaptation of the project documentation to the Ukrainian regulations and standards and its approval in full compliance with the regulations of the environment and labour safety. Our specialists and managers successfully combine an advanced European approach with local experience.

Also, for the second year our partner is Astron, a European leader in the design and manufacture of complete industrial and commercial steel structures.

We understand and share the principles in the area of security control, quality control of work execution and budget savings, as well as a policy of financing projects based on financial partnership and bank guarantees.

Today IRSPAE “Aviokon project” owns its own production base in the city of Lviv, office, warehouse and production facilities with an area of 3500 m2, as well as automotive, load-lifting and specialized construction machinery. The company has an accredited and certified electrical laboratory with equipment for high-voltage tests, and also keeps significant reserves of electrical materials and equipment to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electrical installations.

We are proud of our experience of implementing more than 600 projects in the areas of industrial, commercial, residential and administrative-public real estate, but what really is valuable and distinguishes us from competitors are our employees, the team of the company. Young people with modern approaches and skills in the organization and conduct of construction joined the team in the process of activity. The combination of youth and experience, deep basic knowledge and modern flexible systems of reorientation of production activities to the needs of a specific customer, willingness to work in any region of Ukraine allows our company to respond adequately to the challenges of time, remaining among the most successful construction companies in Ukraine.


For more than 25 years, the lives of the four friends Alexander Palchikov, Oleg Chankov, Yurii Burak and Viktor Oshchudlyak have been united into a single channel called "Aviokon project". Inexhaustible energy and perseverance, pragmatism and professionalism, and most importantly - love to their profession - these are the qualities that best characterize the co-owners of our company, who have been working for the same purpose all these years.


Alexander Palchikov


Oleksandr Palchikov is director of the AVIOCON project and one of the co-owners of the company.

Born on October 13, 1963 in the city of Lviv.

Since 1980 by 1985 He studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in the specialty "Electric Machines".

During 1985-1993 He worked in the Lviv Special Guard No. 426 of the Trust "Electroinstallation-1". Passed the labor way from the electrical installer by the 6th grade measurements to the engineer of the setup area.

Since 1993 engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

Since 1997 started work at the AVIOCON project at the NNVAPP as the chief engineer of the project, since 2003. works as Chief Engineer. In 2011 elected director of the company.

General experience in the specialty is 25 years.

Oleg Chankov

Deputy director

Oleg Chankov is one of the founders and leaders of the AVNIC "Aviocon project".

Born June 27, 1962 in the city of Lviv.

Since 1980 by 1985 He studied at the Kiev Civil Aviation Institute, specializing in Aviation Mechanical Engineer.

During 1985-1987 Passed service in RA in the transport aviation regiment in Kustanay (Kazakhstan) as an aircraft technique of the AN-24 aircraft. Resigned to rank in senior lieutenant.

In 1987-1992 He worked at the Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant as engineer-technologist at the technical department.

Since 1992 engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

In 1996 founded and headed the AVNIC "Aviocon project". In 2011 elected as deputy director for development.

General experience in the specialty is 24 years.

Yuri Burak

Deputy director

Yuriy Burak - technical director of AVNIC "Aviocon project" and one of the co-owners of the company.

Born March 1, 1960 in the city of Lviv.

Since 1977 by 1982 He studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in the specialty "Heat and gas supply and ventilation".

During 1982-1997 He worked at the enterprise "Yuzhtekhenergo" in the "Soyutetekhenergo" as an engineer.

Since 1997 began work at the AVNIC "Aviocon project" as a technical director. In 2011 elected as deputy technical director.

General experience in the specialty is 30 years.

Victor Oschudlyak

Chief Engineer

Victor Oshdlyak is the chief engineer of the "AVIOCON project" and one of the co-owners of the company.

Born March 31, 1960 in the city of Rozhnyatov, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Since 1977 by 1982 He studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in the specialty "Heat and gas supply and ventilation".

During 1982-2000 He worked at the Lviv Plant named after Lenin (in 1996 he was renamed into the State concern LORTA). He passed the labor path from the ventilation engineer to the chief power engineer of the energy supply.

In 2000 began work at the AVNIC "Aviocon project" as deputy chief engineer. In 2011 elected as Chief Engineer.

General experience in the specialty is 30 years.

Tradition of success

The subject of special pride of our company is the highly skilled and professional workers - the labor collective of the company. The production units of IRSPAE "Aviocon project" were formed on the basis of highly specialized brigades of construction and assembly enterprises of former trusts and departments. In the course of activity, young specialists with modern approaches and skills in the organization and conduct of construction joined the team. We are responsive to the selection of company staff, analyzing both the professional and the personal qualities of each. Our team is a combination of youth, experience and deep knowledge base. We create all the conditions for the development and implementation of the potential of our employees.
The wealth of our company is a business reputation and experience gained during the implementation of complex and large-scale projects, long stay in the market and successfully implemented orders. It is precisely good relations with clients that confirm our reputation as a reliable business partner.
The most complete satisfaction of the interests of the Customers of the IRSPAE "Aviocon project" in the market of industrial, commercial and housing construction in Ukraine due to the introduction of advanced approaches and technologies for the organization, management and execution of construction works, high quality of execution of works that meets international standards, using their own highly skilled workers, creating the most safe and comfortable working conditions, using modern energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, equipment nation and technology, with the focus on creating partnerships with Customers on the basis of mutual trust.

Improving the quality of products and services ensures our ability to constantly meet the requirements of the Customers, to increase competitiveness in the construction market, which increases the satisfaction of all interested parties who are in industrial relations with us (consumers, suppliers, employees of the enterprise).

The main thing in our company is: people, employees, partners and society in which we live. Accordingly, we are building our policy in the field of health and work. In the field of health and work, our policy fully meets the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation. We care about our employees and every employee cares about the company, and therefore feels personal responsibility for themselves, for friends, for partners in health and work. We train, study and constantly develop a system of monitoring and monitoring of health and labor issues.

In the field of environmental protection, we constantly evaluate, monitor and monitor our activities in relation to waste, atmospheric emissions, energy consumption and other harmful effects on the environment. We identify and increase opportunities for reuse of resources in all areas of our business. Our policy in this area meets all the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation. We care for the environment, because it is home to our workers, our families, our peoples. We always, first of all, evaluate the possible consequences, so we always minimize the impact.

We feel responsible and therefore our goal is no harm.
Customer Orientation and Individual Approach
We work and develop according to international standards of doing business to provide high quality services to our clients and partners, providing an individual approach to each project.

Our professional and efficient work is provided by highly skilled certified engineering staff and a solid team of employees. Corporate policies in the field of occupational safety, safety, service quality, environmental protection, and the use of innovations in our activities play an important role at all stages of project implementation.

Quality and safety
An extremely important part of our company is the ability to meet the requirements and expectations of customers and customers and meet the growing demands of the market. That is why we have introduced in our company international management systems for quality and safety management, which are confirmed by the ISO and OHSAS certificates.