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In February 2019 our company has finished general construction and engineering works at project implementation of the construction of the 2nd stage of Leoni Wiring Systems UA GmbH plant in the city of Kolomyia.

In particular, IRSPAE "Aviokon project" had executed:

- facade works, insulation and cladding of brick walls, installation of windows, doors, gates and dock-levellers;

- installation of water supply and sewage systems, rainwater drainage systems;

- installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

- installation of a fire water pipeline;

- work on the arrangement of the territory, landscaping;

- arrangement of areas, roads and footpaths of concrete or bricks.

The works were held due to the terms of the contract, in accordance with the approved schedule of project implementation and using own professional equipment, tools and equipment. It should be noted that the works were executed in the conditions of the operating enterprise.