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The cooperation between our company and Flextroniks Ltd. (Mukachevo) continues. The plant continues to grow and we are actively involved.

At present, works on the construction of external buildings-annexes to existing workshops and the reconstruction of sanitary zones are almost completed.

In the year that passed, IRSPAE "Aviokon Project" was involved in the implementation of general construction and engineering projects, in particular, we executed:

- construction of production, warehouse and office premises of the export zone;

- reconstruction of the administrative premises of the production building;

- arrangement of external and internal power supply in the reconstructed administrative premises of the industrial building and newly built industrial, warehouse and office premises;

- work on installation of the membrane roof of the export zone;

- manufacturing and installation of protective fencing of warehouses;

- installation of concrete platforms and car parking.

We hope that mutually beneficial cooperation will continue this year.