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IRSPAE «Aviokon project» provides a full range of services for the development of project documentation for new construction, reconstruction and overhaul of housing, public, commercial and industrial facilities at all design stages.

Due to specialists with appropriate qualification certificates, the company executes the following design services:

  • pre-project consulting;
  • architectural - building design of residential, public and industrial facilities with the execution of the functions of a general designer or subcontractor;
  • development of project documentation, design of external and internal engineering systems, in particular:
  • ------- heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heating networks;
  • ------- water supply and sewage;
  • ------- heat supply, cold supply and boiler plants;
  • ------- gas supply and gas installations;
  • ------- power supply, electrical equipment and electric lighting;
  • ------- automation of engineering systems;
  • inspection and determination of the technical condition of civil, residential and industrial buildings, structures and engineering networks;
  • definition of the object complexity category for further project expertise;
  • estimation documentation;
  • assessment of environmental impact;
  • architectural supervision;
  • analysis and adaptation of the design decisions of foreign companies to the current Ukraine regulatory documentation;
  • coordination of project documentation in the relevant services;
  • guiadance during the examination;
  • guidance during commissioning.

The advantages of IRSPAE «Aviokon project» are the close cooperation and combination of the experience of the design department with the construction and production sites of the company. With this approach, the company provides a full range of services: from design to commissioning of the object.

In addition, the company has introduced the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system, which ensures successful project management, quality control of design and estimate documentation, and cost estimation and optimization.