IRSPAE «Aviokon project» executes a set of works on the design, production/assembly and installation of grounding, low-voltage electrical panels and electrical equipment for housing and public, commercial and industrial sites.

Over the period of our company’s activity, we have gained a lot of experience in electrical installation works of varying complexity: assembling power switchboards, automation and control panels and other switchboard equipment.

The assembly of electrical boards is carried out directly by the installers of the electrical equipment and automation section (a structural unit of our company), who have a technical education and specialization in working with electrical equipment.

In the production of electric panels all the features and regulatory requirements that are determined at the design stage of a particular object are taken into account. The assembly of electrical boards is carried out according to typical and individual schemes of the Customer, both on the basis of the units of own and factory domestic and foreign production.

At assembly of the electropanel board equipment only the qualitative, certified accessories are used. Being engaged in the assembly of electrical boards, IRSPAE «Aviokon project» carries out direct deliveries of components from European manufacturing companies («Schneider Electric», «EATON», «ABB», «IEK» and others), which allows to significantly reduce production costs and successfully compete in the market.

Upon completion of the production, the finished products are checked for the workability of the electrical laboratory according to the following criteria:

  • availability and compliance of the shield scheme and passport;
  • insulation resistance of electrical wiring;
  • power up and shield checking;
  • checking of the AWR circuit;
  • checking of counter under load;
  • checking of transition resistance of tires N and PE;
  • checking of the complete set of the shield with passports of metrological instruments (meters, transformers, ammeters, voltmeters) and automatic switches, relays;
  • checking of the marking of the tightened contact bolts;
  • checking of the painting and appearance.

Each finished product of IRSPAE «Aviokon project» is provided with a full package of technical documentation and warranty.

In addition to the production and installation of panel equipment, our specialists execute electrical works on the connection of electrical panels and commissioning, as well as:

  • replacement and repair of electrical equipment in existing electrical panels;
  • transfer and connection of electrical equipment.